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We are excited to present an outstanding group of APHA, AQHA, ApHC and Jockey Club stallions, best of all to offer them at 1/2 price.  This is a GREAT way to save money and have an opportunity to earn some as well.  All APHA, AQHA and ApHC offspring of stallions SOLD in the 2018 VPHC Color Classic Stallion Service Sale are eligible to compete in Breeders Futurity Classes held at our annual Color Classic Futurity.


click here to download the 2019 CCSSS Program Rules

click here to download the 2019 Stallion Nomination Form

click here to download the 2019 Purchase Form

Color Classic Stallion Service Sale & Futurity Facebook page - click here


**PLEASE READ**2019 WORKING LIST: (starts Nov 15th At 10 am EST).


Stay tuned to the Color Classic Facebook page (linked above) for the latest information!

Breedings available for AQHA, APHA, ApHC and TB mares



Tips for success-
•Pick 2-3 studs you’d like to increase your odds of getting one that your interested in. 
•Review stallion’s Breeding contract to familiarize yourself of shipping, collection or booking fees if applicable. 
•Review your mare’s genetic results 
•Create a PayPal Account. 
•Set your alarm  to shop.

To purchase a breeding PM me no earlier than 10 am EST. Breedings are sold on a first come first serve basis. PayPal (4%fee) is preferred method of payment but check will be accepted (Due within 7 days of payment).

Stallion Sale Chair, Sarah Wells, sells at 1/2 number listed plus $20 office charge. **All shipping, collection, chute and booking fees are separate and payable to stallion manager as indicated in stallion's contract** It is the responsibility of the mare owner to review the stallion’s breeding contract before purchasing. For most stallions this can be found online or by directly contacting stallion manager or owner. For all info regarding stallion's genetics, height and produce record please visit the stallion's website or Facebook page.

RES means reserved by stallion owner (not available for purchase) Only stallion owners can reserve their breedings.

For any questions about stallion fees or process for shopping email Sarah Wells at sadiesue18(at) ��

Who To Invite AQHA 1250
Never Compromise APHA pending
Gentlemen Send Roses APHA 1250
Absolutely A Gentlemen APHA 750
Invite The Artist APHA 1100
Skys Blue Bently AQHA 1250
The Ultimate Fancy AQHA/APHA RES
Ultimately Tuff AQHA/APHA 650
Its All In My Jeans APHA 1000
By Appointment Only APHA 1000
One N Only AQHA 1250
Repeated In Red AQHA RES 
Hesa Special Hotrod APHA RES
A Pleasure Sensation APHA 500
CR Good Machine APHA 1500
Guaranteed APHA 1500
Big Money Impulse APHA 1000
When In Chrome AQHA RES 
My Decklaration AQHA 750
Certainly A Vision AQHA/APHA 900
Joses Real Deal APHA 1000
Whata Hot Machine APHA 650
Zippos Goldn Mover APHA 400
The WOW Factor APHA RES 
Almost Too Fancy APHA 1000
Forest Midnight Comet APHA 1000
Love To Hotrod AQHA 850
NonNegotiable TB 750
The Gentlemens Club AQHA/APHA 900
Awesome Andy APHA 1000
Zipped Cash AQHA 750
All Time Fancy APHA RES 
All Ways the One APHA 1000
I Got Em Talkin APHA 500
John Simon APHA RES 
Mo Vannie Blues AQHA 500
LAA Heza Deluxe APHA 750
Hollywood Reminic APHA RES
Blue Skies Only AQHA/APHA RES 
Istyle AQHA/APHA 1350
Impulsified AQHA/APHA 800
The Big Chex AQHA 500
Red Revolver APHA 
A Real Code Red APHA 1250
Lopin Lazy APHA RES 
Whata Vested Asset APHA 1000
Scotchs True Cowboy APHA 550
HBF Catch My Irons AQHA/APHA 750
DGS Replicated AQHA 1000
Chances Quest AQHA 450
Justa Creepin AQHA 1250
The Best Machine APHA 1000
Ultimately Fabulous AQHA 750
BTAA Classy ImAwesome APHA 750
GloryGlory Halleluha APHA 950
Lazy Loper AQHA 2000
Willy Be Invited AQHA 1200
How Bout This Cowboy AQHA 1200
Original Cowboy AQHA/APHA #1 RES 
Original Cowboy AQHA/APHA #2 925
Double Up Investment AQHA/APHA 1000
Dirty Callahan AQHA/APHA 700
Cool Encountered APHA 750
All The Wild Details APHA RES 
Carribean Touchdown AQHA/APHA 1000
Dynamic Breeze AQHA 750
Dynamic In Blue AQHA 1000
Kolored by Krymsun AQHA/APHA 600
Stats First Goodbar AQHA 600
Scenic Rio Krymsun AQHA/APHA 600
Dirty Impression AQHA/APHA 700
Im The Only One APHA RES 
Ima Ultimate Machine APHA 350
One Hot Krymsun AQHA 1920
Good Machinery AQHA 550
Chocolate Never Lies 1000
Make Me Shine APHA 1250
Gone Viral AQHA RES
Kissing The Girls AQHA RES 
Just Expect It AQHA/APHA 1000
VS Good Ride AQHA RES 
Living Large AQHA/APHA 1750
The Offshore Account AQHA/APHA RES 
Good To Be Blue AQHA 1200
The Only Escape AQHA 750
Red White N Good AQHA 715
VS Flatline AQHA 2100
Electrifyng AQHA $600
Lazy Luvah APHA RES
Hank AQHA pending

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