Paynt Points incentive program approved for January 2025 launch

Paynt Points incentive program approved for January 2025 launch

Paynt Points incentive program approved for January 2025 launch

Paynt Points, an innovative competition incentive program from APHA that’s designed to help grow shows and directly reward exhibitors, will launch January 1, 2025. The program proposal was passed by the APHA Board of Directors at their May 2024 meeting, following collection and thorough review of input from APHA members and exhibitors.

In the Paynt Points program, APHA will award cash payouts twice a year for all Youth and Amateur points earned at APHA-approved shows worldwide. Approximately 80 percent of participating horses in APHA-approved shows compete in Youth and Amateur events; therefore, designing Paynt Points to reward those two divisions in full benefits the majority of horses while keeping proposed point values at a meaningful level.

The proposed Paynt Points structure and goals were originally unveiled March 1 at the 2024 APHA & AjPHA Leadership Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas, and on APHA’s online platforms. Members’ feedback was encouraged and reviewed by the board before they voted on program implementation.

Paynt Points Structure

  • All Youth & Amateur points earned at APHA-approved shows will earn per-point payouts. This includes Novice and Walk-Trot categories. All APHA-approved shows, including the APHA World Championship Show, Halter Million, National Shows and zone/regional club competitions, are included.
  • Paynt Points does not replace Breeders’ Trust.
  • Biannual payouts (twice a year) will be made to the horse owner/lessee at the time the points were earned.
  • APHA will guarantee a portion of the Paynt Points purse annually, funded through investments. The remaining purse money is funded by an additional $2 per entry fee charged to all entries in all divisions.
  • The inaugural Paynt Points payout is estimated around $10 per point.
  • Participation is automatic—no additional opt-ins are required.
  • Launch date is January 1, 2025.

Because Paynt Points is not limited to specific events, exhibitors around the world can earn meaningful payouts for minimal added investment. A primary goal is to provide greater incentives to own and show Paint Horses, which can help stimulate entries, regional clubs, breeding, sales, training and more.


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