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We value our members and will offer accessibility and encouragement to achieve shared goals and objectives. To be aware of the needs, challenges, and opportunities of this club and give assistance and direction to help it grow.  To make a positive impact on the equine industry in Virginia through sound financial policies and careful long rang planning.

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September 15, 2023 - 2024 Sale Opens

We are excited to present an outstanding group of APHA, AQHA, ApHC and Jockey Club stallions, best of all to offer them at 1/2 price.  This is a GREAT way to save money and have an opportunity to earn some as well.  All APHA, AQHA and ApHC offspring of stallions SOLD in the 2024 VPHC Color Classic Stallion Service Sale are eligible to compete in Color Classic Futurity Classes held at our annual Virginia Color Classic Futurity Show.

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